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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mofaz Attacks Bibi and Barak over Iran

Israel's Kadima Party chief Shaul Mofaz, a former Chief of Staff of the IDF, and once again leader of the opposition after his brief stint in the coalition government, is back to his opposition role in full vigor.. He has launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Netanyah and Defense Minister Batak for promoting a military strike against Iran,
You are headed for a rash confrontation at an unnecessary cost while abandoning the home front . . . Over the past few months, Israel has waged an extensive and relentless PR campaign with the sole objective of preparing the ground for a premature military adventure.
This PR campaign has deeply penetrated the 'zone of immunity' of our national security, threatens to weaken our deterrence, and our relations with our best friends. Mr. prime minister, you want a crude, rude, unprecedented, reckless, and risky intervention in the US elections. Tell us who you serve and for what? Why are you putting your hand deep into the ballot boxes of the American electorate?  
It isn't the defense chiefs who are covering their asses for the next investigative commission. You, Mr. prime minister and the decision-maker are covering the backside of the Israeli public. Ass-coverers and wipers. Making threats and sowing the seeds of fear and terror. Mr. prime minister, you are playing a dangerous and irresponsible game with the future of an entire nation.
"The piano player from the 35th floor is playing and you are dancing to his martial march. Please explain to us, Mr. prime minister, who is the real decision-maker? Will the next minister in your government also dance to the chords of this music?,
After more of the same he concluded,
Under your scepter, your subjects cannot afford to buy a loaf of bread, vegetables for salad, visit the doctor, or buy a tank of gas. There is no pity or mercy, only a blind and stiff-necked king who is losing his power.
Come on, tell us what you really think.

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David Mack said...

Maybe we should stop complaining that US politics is too negative.