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Friday, December 21, 2012

Among the End-of-the-Year "Best of" Lists . . . a Serious Iran Piece Unexpectedly Makes a "Best Sex Stories of 2012" List

I didn't expect to be blogging about this post, from Slate, of "Longform's Best Sex Stories of 2012." Hell, I didn't even expect to be reading it. But in fact, one of their selections is an article I've linked to previously: "The Ayatollah Under the Bed(sheets)" by Carnegie Endowment Senior Associate Karim Sadjadpour. Congratulations (I think?) on the selection: so few of us DC Mideast policy wonks ever get credited with one of the "Best Sex Stories" of any year.

It appeared in another unexpected product of 2012, Foreign Policy Magazine's "Sex Issue" (May/June 2012), which I blogged about here. Though perhaps overshadowed in publicity by Mona ElTahawy's "Why Do They Hate Us?" piece in the same issue, it was a worthy read. Even without the accolade (?).

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