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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

False Flag Operation: "Spy Duck" Turns Out to Be a Spy Stork

Let's start the week with something light as there seems to be a lot of heavy stuff coming.

A farmer in Qena Governorate in Upper Egypt found a migratory bird with something attached to its leg and immediately jumped to the conclusion that the bird was a spy. Longtime readers will recall similar cases in other countries, and in those cases as in this one, the devise was a wildlife tracking system for tracking the bird's migration. "Spy duck" reports about the case were soon appearing worldwide.

But don't be so quick to laugh since the suspicious fowl must be a master of disguise: the "spy duck" turns out to be a stork.

Obviously a false flag operation.

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Anonymous said...

In a related story, schools of sharks or is that yeshivas of sharks were seen massing off Sharm Al Sheikh.