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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mahmoud Salem on the "Sisi Bubble"

Mahmoud Salem ("Sandmonkey") has a column at Daily News Egypt, "On Popularity and Bubbles." He sees the Sisi cult as a classic popularity bubble, likely to be short-lived:
It’s easy to see how it will all play out from now: If the MOI’s performance continues the way it is, and the curfew (which is becoming more unpopular by the day and tenfold on Fridays) and the MB demonstrations last for another month with all the police brutality that they face, people will start losing whatever faith they had. Then they will start accepting those as inevitable side-effects of their rulers, but will then start demanding things: more money, more subsidies, employment for their children. Their frustration will start being directed at the government and Sisi himself, and they will slowly but surely drag him down from his pedestal.
 Read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

The man's more beloved than Basshar Al Assad.

Michael Collins Dunn said...

That may be the only statement about Sisi I've seen that is indisputable.