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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Hannukah, Happy Thanksgiving, and May Your Turkey Not Be Mummified

Platter pf Fowl Left as Food for the Afterlife in an Egyptian Tomb
Since as I noted earlier, tomorrow marks a rare convergence of the US Thanksgiving holiday with the first day of Hannukah, let me wish my Jewish readers a Happy Hannukah and my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving and also, May Your Thanksgiving turkey not be mummfied like the fowl shown above from an Egyptian tomb.

I repost again this year this photo of an embalmed fowl of some sort on a platter from an Egyptian tomb which the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago posted as their Thanksgiving greeting on their Facebook page last year.

Barring something major, I'll be off for the holiday (the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, not the eight days of Hannukah) and will be back Monday.

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