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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today Marks Five Years of This Blog

Five years ago today, on January 28, 2009, I posted my first substantive post on this blog, about Hisham Melhem's interview with president Obama. I posted two other posts that day, one of them about ‘Omar Suleiman, who's still making news posthumously. (Strictly speaking I put up  a "placeholder" "Watch This Space" announcement on January 27, so I could have marked five years yesterday, but the January 28 posts were the first with content)

In those five years, if I'm adding right, I've posted 4,080 posts; this one is number 4,081.

I know some readers are very loyal and others just drop by now and then, but thanks to all of you, and thanks for the many compliments, including those quoted in the right column under "kind words from others." And thanks to the Middle East Institute for giving me the opportunity. Somehow I sill haven't run out of things to say, so stick around and see what comes next.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your fifth year.

May you continue to post for many more years!

freude bud said...

Great blog ... thank you for all the edifying posts.