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Friday, January 2, 2015

You Don't See This Every Day in the Arab World. We Need More of It

Outgoing Tunisian President Marzouki, right, hands over power to incoming Tunisian President Essebsi, who beat him in the runoff after free, competitive, multi-party elections.

A peaceful, scheduled, transfer of power after elections in an Arab country. With a handshake. Bravo, whatever you may think of Essebsi. Where Arab Spring began, there's still a scent of jasmine in the air.


Anonymous said...

How do they spell fuluul in La Tunisie?

With a capital "F"

Habib Al Sid is the PM designate.

Democracy marches on!

Michael Collins Dunn said...

Do note I added the qualifier, "whatever you may think of Essebsi." th Felloul didn't stage a coup.