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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Manial Palace: A Cairo Gem

Prince Muhammad ‘Ali Tawfiq
Prince Muhammad ‘Ali Tawfiq (1875-1995) was a son of Khedive Tawfiq of Egypt, a brother of Khedive ‘Abbas Hilmi II, and was more than once regent or heir presumptive to the Khediviate/Sultanate/Kingship of Egypt, though he never reached the throne. Even as late as 1952 he was heir presumptive to his cousin King Farouq until the birth of Egypt's last King, Ahmad Fuad II.

Egyptian Streets  reminds us that he also left a gem to Cairo: the Manial Palace on Roda Island, built between 1899 and 1929: "The Palace of Gold in the Heart of Cairo."

The link contains stunning photography of the palace, recently reopened after a 10-year restoration,  by photographer Mohamed Nour, and while recognizing copyright (©FORMA|Photos) I hope I can show one to persuade you to go see the website:
And of course, if you're visiting Cairo, to the Palace and Museum itself.

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