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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Red Storm Rising: Blood Red Sandstorm in Benghazi

The photos above, from the Libya's Channel website, shows a Ghibli sandstorm painting Benghazi red. Much of the Middle East has been suffering from high heat and late spring sandstorms, but the deep red of the Libyan storm is particularly striking. The good news is it's temporarily stopped the fighting.

Cairo, too, has been suffering from high temperatures and a  khamsin  blowing, though not as colorful:


tonyon said...

no more wars

David Mack said...

Very dramatic, but except for the last picture on Libya Channel, the pictures may have been doctored with the political message that blood is being shed in the violence wracking the country. My wife and I spent two years in Benghazi, surviving our share of ghibli storms but do not recall such vivid hues in the dust. She comments: "Hard to believe the red is accurate. Result of a UV filter or something on the camera? My iPhone’s “Edit” feature could produce something like this."