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Monday, July 11, 2016

Capture of Airbase from ISIS a Stepping-Stone to Mosul

The Air Base on Google Earth
Even as the Islamic State has stepped up terrorist attacks, it continues to lose ground steadily on the battlefield. The capture July 9 by Iraqi and coalition forces of the Al-Qayyarah West Air Base could prove to be a major stepping stone en route to the recapture of Mosul, some 75 kilometers to the north. The base could provide, if cleared, a base of operations for helicopter gunships and ground attack aircraft.

The capture of Mosul is still distant, however. ISIS remains in control of the town of al-Qayyarah, on the Tigris to the east of the airbase, and also of the town of Shirqat farther south on the river.

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David Mack said...

Thanks for this, Mike. Media coverage seldom has good, relevant maps, and I had forgotten the geographic relationships between Qayyara West and Maghmour, both logistic hubs for a future advance to retake Mosul.