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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gary Sick Raises Questions about Iran Plot

Gary Sick, who has watched Iran closely for decades, raises some obvious questions about the alleged Iranian plot against the Saudi Ambassador. Why, for what would be the first Iranian operation inside the US, try to recruit Mexicans? The sheer recklessness of the plot is also out of character. Something just seems wrong about the story (without being an apologist for the Iranian regime). Gary's piece deserves your attention.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, this post is nonsense...MI6, CIA, mossad - everyone else occasionally screws up and gets cuaght - is iran god and infallible? And FYI, gary - a supposed "expert" on iran - 6 iranians have already been deported in recent years for taking pictures of US subways and other landmarks. Guess the facts aren't that important to those with an agenda.

The fact is, is that iran - for its massive, worldwide terrorism for years - is long, long past due to be attacked - and have its fake, illegitimate regime wiped off of the map.