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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Egypt's Overnight Constitution

 Okay, you guys have until midnight to finish this . . .
They took more time in Philadelphia
Egypt's Constituent Assembly, still fearing possible dissolution by the courts though protected by President Morsi's decree, and with most of its secularists, Christians, and other non-Islamists boycotting, spent last night finishing writing the Constitution: overnight. And today they started voting on it article by article, working far into the night. President Morsi plans to call a referendum as soon as it passes.

Ramming through a Constitution written mostly by Islamists is not going to calm the tensions in Egypt. The Constitution can probably pass a referendum: the Islamists are strong in the countryside, if not in Cairo. But the method seems to guarantee that the Constitution will not  be accepted by key elements in Egyptian society. There must be a better way to do this. For one example, see the painting above.

Also, Egyptian political humor being what it is, this is making the rounds on the Internet:
Arab Republic of Egypt
Referendum Ballot on the Constitution of Egypt
___ Agree
___ Kafir (Unbeliever, Infidel)

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