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Friday, February 8, 2013

Craziest Denial of the Week: Haifa Wehbe Did Not Marry Hassan Nasrallah

Or maybe of the year: "I didn't marry Hezbollah's leader, Lebanese sex-icon says."
Did Not Marry Hassan Nasrallah
"Lebanese super star Haifa Wehbe denied on Thursday reports spread earlier saying that she was married to Hezbollah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah during her adolescent years.
"Haifa criticized media outlets that carried the alleged rumor, saying: “Next time they will make me marry Obama,” as quoted by the official website of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation.
Did Not Marry Haifa Wehbe
"Several local news media outlets quoted Haifa telling the Voice of Russia radio station that she was married to Nasrallah when she was an adolescent."
I really can't make any snarky comments that could surpass the headline itself. So I won't.

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Anonymous said...

Wehbe has no chance joining Hezbollah. She needs to wear Hijab to get in bed with Nasrallah.