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Monday, July 15, 2013

Nabil Fahmy Accepts the Egyptian Foreign Ministry

Nabil Fahmy (AUC)
After a week of rumors that he was a likely candidate, Nabil Fahmy has reportedly accepted the post of Foreign Minister in Egypt's interim Cabinet, as Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawi continues to assemble his government.

Fahmy is a familiar face here in Washington, where he served as Egypt's Ambassador from 1999 to 2008; he has also served in Tokyo and at the United Nations, and since retiring has been the Founding Dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at AUC.

Fahmy's appointment suggests the interim government is determined to shore up relations with the United States, which he knows well, but also that it is seeking prominent and respected figures who will emphasize the civilian character of the transitional government.

As a historical note, Fahmy becomes a second-generation Foreign Minister; his father, Ismail Fahmy, served as Anwar Sadat's Foreign Minister between the 1973 war and the 1977 visit to Jerusalem.
Ismail Fahny (left) with Nixon and Kissinger

1 comment:

David Mack said...

Pro: Very classy choice. Nabil can do more than any other Egyptian ambassador I've known to improve Egypt's image in Washington, and he will be very adept at dealing with other key governments.
Con: Minimal political base, despite name recognition. Will draw fire of those charging U.S. green light for coup.