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Friday, April 18, 2014

Egypt: Governor Fired for Endorsing Sisi, But Religious Establishment Continues to Join the Enthusiasm

Egypt has sacked the Governor of Wadi al-Gadid Governorate for openly endorsing Field Marshal Sisi, when government instructions had promised strict neutrality in the Presidential campaign,

The official neutrality is doing little to dampen the enthusiasm of the media and other institutions, however. The latest instance is an endorsement from Egypt's most influential Sufi order, the Rifa‘iyya. (Link is in Arabic.) Sufi institutions came under attack during the Muslim Brotherhood control, so this is hardly surprising, but adds to the support already expressed by Christian and Establishment Muslim leaders. At the announcement of military intervention last July 3, the Coptic Pope and the Sheikh al-Azhar both stood with Sisi, and have continued to voice support for him:
Pope Tawadros II's open support has also drawn some sharp criticism within the Coptic community following recent remarks that seemed to disparage discussion of human rights in the present crisis.

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David Mack said...

At this time of the year, it is noteworthy that the Christian gospels indicate that the Roman rulers of what is now Israel and Palestine maintained relatively good relationships with the high priest and the rest of the Sanhedrin. Pope Tawadros might ponder this.