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Friday, April 11, 2014

Teaching Arabic Post-9/11

Due to deadlines, a bug, and my dughter's birthday I didn't post yesterday. To keep you busy, here's a thoughtful post at Jadaliyya on "Teaching Arabic in the US After 9-11"
by Chris Stone, an Arabic teacher stabbed in Cairo in 2013.

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David Mack said...

When I was serving as MEI Vice President and, for a while, Acting President, I insisted that those signing up for a language course at MEI either be members or pay for a membership. My rationale was that we did not want to be training students who were often US government employees or those seeking a U.S. government job in one of the regional languages without them also getting some of the context of the language through a subscription to the Middle East Journal and favored access to the MEI Library and other programs. If language proficiency can be a tool for government service it can also be a gateway for full appreciation of the culture connected with the language.