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Friday, July 11, 2014

Telegraph: The Islamic State's Cabinet and Structure

The Telegraph has posted an analysis of ISIS' organizational structure and  useful graphic chart of the Cabinet and Governors. (The version at the Telegraph's site is interactive, unlike this one.)


Anonymous said...

My question: While the USG assists the Maliki government even as it ignores appeals to reform, is it simultaneously reaching out to the non-ISIS forces among the Sunnis, i.e., the tribes and Naqshbandis/Baathis, etc. If so, what is our pitch?

Anonymous said...

It's less a pitch than grasping at straws.

The US does not have a Middle Eastern foreign policy built on its own national interests and a clear eyed analysis of the region. See Polk essay on this blog for one simple example.

The results aren't pretty. Solutions aren't easy.