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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Khamenei's Shadow Has a Mind of its Own

This picture of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei appeared on the Facebook Page of al-‘Ahed News, one of Hizbullah's outlets:
Among the online commentary I've seen so far:

Ottoman Sultans used to style themselves "the Shadow of God on Earth," but I'm pretty sure their shadows pointed the right way.

Perhaps Khamenei is brighter than the sun? I will resist any "brighter than a thousand  suns" remarks while the nuclear talks continue, however.


S. Rushdee said...

Sadly, folks who claim to be Christian just aren't familiar with the Bible. Matthew 16:23

That's the Great Satan lurking behind the Ayatollah trying to do mischief. But as in the Bible conquered by faith.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to Rushee's post, there is a simple scientific explanation.

According to reputable scientific research at Liberty University, at sunset shadows are reversed from those at sunrise. It's the principle that makes the sundial a useful tool for telling time.

So it's pretty clear that this picture was taken at sunset.

The absence of a red sky is probably a coded message about the outcome of the nuclear negotiations.

Haz M. Bib Lawi said...

How wrong all the other posters are!

This is the shadow of Egypt's beloved and wise general - overshadowing all other leaders.

T. Streit said...

Since General Sulemeini stopped being shadowy, Iranians everywhere have begun looking for his lost shadow.

Due to Divine Guidance, the Ayatollah was the one who found it as proven in this picture.