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Thursday, October 16, 2014

NYT on Sisi at UN; Ahram on NYT on Sisi at UN

Egyptian Field Marshal President Sisi's speech to the UN General Assembly has been portrayed in the Egyptian media as ranking with Pericles' funeral oration, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Churchill's "We shall fight on the beaches," and such like. The New York Times has taken its own account of Sisi's speech and compared it in double column format with the al-Ahram Arabic version of their report. I really don't think I need to comment further here.


A. Mutammaliq said...

How wise and eloquent a leader has God graciously bestowed on the people of Egypt.

One can only hope that the Egyptian people will recognize their good fortune and treat the Generalissimo with the profound respect he so richly deserves.

Long live Egypt and its glorious Geneeralissimo!!!

David Mack said...

Kudos to NYT and Kirkpatrick for their trenchant report. And I love the comment by A. Mutammaliq. Egyptian humor always welcome and will prove more influential in the end than Al Ahram puffery.

Moh'd L. Baradye said...

A man who combines the eloquence of Taha Hussayn and Shakespeare with the deep philosophy of Plato and Imam Al-Ghazzali.

Let the world stand in awe wondering at the glory that is our beloved President-for-life whose happy bride Egypt is fortunate to be.

Amr Abeet said...

The New York Times may lie and lie again today, but the truth will prevail.

The applause at the end of our glorious leader's speech was so thunderous that it was distinctly heard in Iskandariyya and even faintly in Assyut.