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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sultan Qaboos Tells Omanis He Will Not Be Home for National Day

Sultan  Qaboos of Oman, who has been in Germany since July. has broadcast a message to Omanis expressing regret that he will not be able to join them for this month's celebration of the Sultan's birthday/Oman's National Day November 18. There has been considerable speculation and rumor about the almost 74-year-old Sultan's health, but little official comment or information available about the nature of his medical treatment. His gaunt appearance and generalized reassurance may or may not alleviate concern (video below):
The divine will has dictated that the occasion this year falls while we are outside the dear homeland for reasons you know. But, by God’s grace, He prepared the good results that
The Sultan, who is now the longest-serving Arab leader, has no children or siblings and no designated heir apparent, though he did institute a procedure under which the Royal Family might choose an heir.

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