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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Blog with Useful Material for Learning Arabic Dialects

I've stumbled across the blog of this language learning website and discovered  number of posts useful to students of Arabic, and particularly of the various colloquials. It probably deserves deeper exploration, but meanwhile a few selections:

How different is Moroccan Arabic to the other Dialects, Really?

Learning Arabic in Qatar and the UAE is Easy. Here's Why . . .

If I Stated Learning Arabic Again, This is How I'd Do It

and particularly, a selection of online Arabic TV and YouTube channels: 40 Excellent Arabic listening Resources in All Dialects

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Mohammad A. Taha said...

UMD's National Foreign Language Center has an excellent language e-learning portal that has authentic material in 90+ languages, including Arabic (MSA + dialects): http://portal.nflc.umd.edu/