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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Juan Cole, the Bush White House, and the CIA

The New York Times quoted a former CIA official as saying that the George W. Bush White House asked the CIA to gather information on University of Michigan Professor and Blogger Juan Cole in order to discredit him. If true, this would have echoes of the Watergate era, when the Nixon Whte House tried to use the CIA domestically against  American citizens, a clear violation of the law. Juan's own take on the story is here, and there's little I can add to that. I've read Juan's blog from its early days and have also published his academic work in the Journal, and about all I can do other than repeat what he has said is to join in deploring any use, or even suggestion of using, the CIA against American academics.


David Mack said...

This will increase the readership of "Informed Comment." Quite reminiscent of the Bush White House effort to discredit Joe Wilson. Juan is unlikely, however, to get a Hollywood movie out of the scandal.

Michael Collins Dunn said...

True, but did anyone actually SEE the Joe Wilson movie?

John T. said...

You know that if we don't voluntarily surrender our liberties and abandon certain quaint concepts in the Bill of Rights, the terrorists will win and come here and force us to.