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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is Bishop Rafael Holding a Jedi Light Sabre?

His Grace Bishop Rafael, Auxiliary Bishop of Central Cairo and Heliopolis, is one of the three finalist candidates for the next Coptic Pope. He's the youngest of the finalists at 58. After posting about him last night I looked a little longer at this official photo.

That's a Coptic cross in his right hand, of course. But what's that in his left hand? A candlestick with an oddly tapered candle? A pastoral staff with an illuminated top for some reason?  A wizard's wand? A very odd microphone? A glow-stick since today's Halloween?

Until I learn otherwise I'm going with Jedi Light Sabre.

No irreverence intended. We'll find out Sunday whether the Force is with him or not.

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Anonymous said...

Sir, this is very irrespectful of you. And while you may decide not to "approve" this comment, I just wanted to draw your attention that this blogpost is not funny and have drawn disrespect to this blog and editors.