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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Pyramids Have Changed a Lot Since 1575

So you think the Pyramids are a symbol of the unchanging past? Well, if you believe this view of "La Gran Citta Del Cairo" by Donato Bertelli (about 1575), they've changed quite a bit in the past  437 years.

Or, of course, maybe Signor Bertelli just couldn't draw Pyramids worth a damn.


Rosamond Mack said...

There is a long tradition of misinformation on the East disseminated in European maps and illustrations--Ptolemy well through the Renaissance. Italians emphasized ceremonial routes through the city. Busty Sphinx introducing Pyramids is great! Rosamond Mack

Michael Collins Dunn said...


In my snide comment on the pyramids I missed the sphinx!

Remedied now: http://mideasti.blogspot.com/2012/10/not-only-were-pyramids-different-sphinx.html

And to think, we've spent so much time wondering how it lost its NOSE!