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Monday, June 9, 2014

Meet the Sisis

Why are these people not smiling? The head of their family is being inaugurated President of Egypt, and only Madame al-Sisi (above center) isn't looking downright glum.

Yesterday seems to have marked the first time Sisi's entire family — wife, three sons and their wives, daughter and her husband — appeared together in public.

A useful guide to the family has been all over social media:

For those who don't read Arabic:

Front row, right to left:
1. Dalia Hegazy, wife of Hasan al-Sisi. She is the daughter of Gen. Mahmoud Hegazy recently named Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.
2. Hasan al-Sisi,  an engineer.
3. Intissar al-Sisi, the President's wife (see my earlier post). I had previously noted that she is a cousin of Sisi's; this specifies that she is the daughter of his maternal aunt.
4. Mustafa al-Sisi, an officer in the Administrative Control Authority.
5. Rida,  wife of Mustafa al-Sisi and daughter of his paternal aunt.

Second row, right to left:
1. Personal name not given, but described as the husband of Ayat al-Sisi, Sisi's only daughter, and the son of Khalid Foda, Governor of South Sinai. 
2. Ayat al-Sisi.
3. Mahmoud al-Sisi, an officer in General Intelligence.
4. Nuha al-Tuhami, wife of Mahmoud al-Sisi.

I note in passing that Mahmoud al-Sisi is an officer in General Intelligence, that his wife is named Nuha al-Tuhami, and that the current head of General Intelligence is Muhammad Farid al-Tuhami, onetime superior of Sisi's. Tuhami is not an uncommon name and there may be no connection. Do any readers know if this is a coincidence? [UPDATE: at least one newspaper says Mahmoud is in Military Intelligence, his father's old service, rather than General Intelligence.]

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David Mack said...

At least two of the younger ladies seem to be wearing pants suits. Is this an indication of the Hillary Clinton effect? While I am no expert on Egyptian fashions for women, it seems to be an innovation.