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Monday, June 30, 2014

Photos of Ottoman Troops in WWI

I'm working on Part 3 of my post about the surrender of Kut, but in the meantime let me note that last Friday, to mark the anniversary of Sarajevo, Hurriyet Daily News published a slideshow of photos from the Turkish General Staff Archives of Ottoman troops during World War I.

The general caption describes the troops as "defending Anatolia," but a variety of locales seem to be included, including many in snow (the Caucasus front?), but also a number with Arab troops, Arab dignitaries, and camel transport.

I have previously noted that the modern narratives of both Turkish nationalists and Arab nationalists have tended to ignore the large number from the Arab province who served in the Ottoman Army, including the fact that two of the three regiments that served under Mustafa Kemal at Gallipoli had been recruited in Syria.

The total of photos in the slideshow is 45; those that look most like the Middle Eastern fronts are in the last 10 or so.

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