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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ahmadi at the UN

I'd been wondering whether to post anything about the various reports suggesting that there were back-channel contacts between the US and Iran, trying to feel out a possible rapprochement. Despite a fair amount of such speculation ahead of the General Assembly, I think Ahmadinejad's rant about September 11 being staged by the US, the evils of the US, capitalism, etc., and the US walkout essentially amount to: Never mind.

At least this year Ahmadinejad could claim the award for ranting from the podium: last year, of course, he was outstaged by Qadhafi's hour and a half stream-of-consciousness happening. Brother Leader isn't coming this year.

Ahmadinejad may have aspirations, but Qadhafi's still the master of the art.

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David Mack said...

Enough snarky comments about Qadhafi, already. At least he learned from his experience that the UN is unreceptive to his particular style. Qadhafi had the good sense to leave the UN to Foreign Minister Kusa, and according to Secretary Clinton they had a very successful bilateral.