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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Galant Gets IDF Post Despite Controversy

In the wake of the "Galant Affair," the leak of a forged document (earlier posts here and here) aimed at discrediting Major General Yoav Galant (OC Southern Command) from the running for next Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, it was perhaps inevitable that the whole affair helped secure Galant's appointment, supposedly against the will of current IDF Chief Gabi Ashkenazi. The Cabinet approved Galant on October 5, and Ashkenazi denied reports that he would step down early; his term expires in February and he was not offered a renewal.

In the wake of the appointment, Ehud Barak has been ordered to put a hold on his personal investigation of the "Galant Affair." A mid-level (field rank) officer, Lt. Col. Boaz Harpaz, reportedly carried out the forgery.

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