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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Headline I Never Expected to Use Here: Leftwing Israeli LOLCats

No, really.  Back in 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee proposed the World Wide Web, he probably saw it as a means of linking scientists, since he was working for CERN, the subatomic physics folks who, so far as I am aware, were not trying to figure out how to create a medium whereby anyone's video of their cat playing a piano could be seen by more people than have ever seen Citizen Kane. (Nor, I presume, were they seeking a way to distribute pornography, but I'm not as confident on that one.)

Anyway, being a dog person, I've never been that big into the whole LOLCats thing. But apparently, according to this article by Ami Kaufman at the +972 web magazine, the latest big Internet meme in Israel is "Cats Who Incite to the Left," [this link is in Hebrew and my Hebrew is too rudimentary for most of it; but Kaufman's post has a lot of examples with English subtitles]; the background as he explains it:
The latest internet meme to conquer Israeli cyber-space is the “lefty-cat”. It all started when an actual pro-pussy Facebook page put up a picture of a man who urged his dog to attack cats. The page identified him as a right winger, as well. This immediately prompted one reader to start her own Facebook page, called “Ban those who incite to the left using cats” (besides the horrific syntax, the Hebrew title is also embarrassingly misspelled, reading something like “Ban those who divert to the left…”).
She then wrote under that picture “What do his political views have to do with his terrible deeds”? Indeed, a legitimate question – and apparently enough in today’s Israel to claim that leftists are not only the epitome of evil, they also use cats to betray the homeland.
So the left is having fun with it. By the way, if you're not familiar with +972, it's an English language  webzine from Israel with a distinctly pro-peace flavor to it, like these seditious cats. If you're puzzled by the title, +972 is the international telephone country code for Israel. I'm adding it to my blogroll.

Here are some others, with English captions, from the post.

"The Demographic Threat"

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