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Friday, January 6, 2012

Coptic Midnight Mass: Chanting Erupts when Pope Addresses SCAF

This is very poor video and I imagine better will be available soon; I've watched some live streaming but can't actually embed that. Anyway many SCAF generals are in the front rows; the Pope's message to the attendees mentions them and noise erupts; Twitter accounts say some worshipers started chanting against SCAF and were removed.

And Pope Shenouda, at 88 and in uncertain health, is looking quite frail. I hope for better video soon (Arabic narration):
 (Video removed by YouTube)
UPDATES: Not only has YouTube taken down the previous link, but better ones are now available. This news report shows excerpts (also Arabic only except for some liturgical Coptic), but is much clearer video:

More of the Pope in better video:

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