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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

24 Asian Ambassadors Meet with One of the Two Egyptian Candidates.(Hint: Not Hamdeen Sabbahi)

(Ex-) Field Marshal Sisi's Campaign has reported that the (ex-) Defense Minister has met with 24 Asian Ambassadors. I'm too lazy to count Asian countries, but it would appear that two dozen diplomats, who must be most of them, chose to meet with a technically unemployed retired Army officer. Now, admittedly the press keeps using terms like "President Sisi" in headlines and perhaps the diplomats were just confused. The elections start June 26 and June 27. If neither candidate wins a majority (why are you laughing?), a second round will be held in June (really, the laughter is distracting) and only then will Sisi one of the two candidates become President. Stop that giggling.

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