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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sisi's Interview, Round 2

Earlier I posted about Sisi's big TV interview; round 2 was tonight, and here is an early summary from Ahram Online. Those who understand Arabic (lots of it colloquial Egyptian) can find clips at the On TV website. I can't find the full video online yet but watched some of it live.I'll also link to an English transcript if one becomes available.

My first reactions: he's good on television, better than Mubarak, Field Marshal Tantawi (who was awful), or Morsi. He shows some of Nasser's confidence but maybe a bit of Sadat's occasional flashes of condescension. It's hard to make exact comparisons as the long TV interview format wasn't around in Nasser's day, I don't think.

He does exude self-confidence, which will reassure many Egyptians. In detailed discussions of the economy, foreign policy, etc., he seems to be stressing reassurance but keeping the specific details a little vague.

More when I can see or read the whole thing.

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Mina said...

Please if you do find an English transcript for parts 1 and 2, let us know. Much appreciated for us primarily English-speaking Egyptians. :)