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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Busy and Dangerous Three-Day Weekend

The US three-day Labor Day weekend was a busy one. Iraqi (and maybe some Iranian) forces, supported by US air attacks, relieved the siege of the Iraqi Shi‘a Turkmen town of Amerli; a Libyan Militia took over all or part of the US Embassy and held a swim party; David Cameron proposed new anti-terror measures against ISIS; ISIS keeps beheading, well, most people they meet; oh, and Russia and Ukraine are on the brink of war, if  "on the brink of war'" means "you've invaded our country and occupy about a third of it and if you don't back down pretty soon we might get really angry."

A wild weekend.

Last night's overnight CNN website headline:

Keep those priorities straight, media. You won't get on "Entertainment Tonight" with a bummer story about severed heads, ethnic genocide, and similar bummers.

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