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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sharro Gives Scotland "the Middle East Expert Treatment"

Karl Sharro at "Karl ReMarks" offers us a satirical sense of perspective: "We Give the Scottish Independence Referendum the Middle East Expert Treatment." Like much satire, some of it works better than other parts: analyzing Scotland in terms of the clans, talking about Scottish independence as if it were a Middle Eastern country.

The conclusion is on target:
We must do something. Things must be done. There is a necessity for the doing of things. It’s also the point at which we normally ask the requisite rhetorical question near the end of the end: should we allow Scotland to exist as a small oil-rich country? (Like, do we need another Qatar now?) President Obama must avoid this by arming the Protestants. Or the Catholics.

1 comment:

C. Keating said...

Yes, but only the "moderate" Catholics or Protestants as determined by Senator McCain who has actually been to Scotland more than once and knows the situation on the ground.