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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wafd Youth Wing Wants El Baradei to Run for President

Here's an AFP story on how the youth wing of the Wafd Party (you can make your own wisecracks) wants Muhammad El Baradei, the IAEA chief, to run for President of Egypt in 2011. I've seen other suggestions that he might be a possible candidate, but while it would grab headlines, realistically the nominee of the National Democratic Party is going to win unless they run an Israeli. His only chance would be if the NDP chose him, and realistically they're likely to nominate a Mubarak, Husni if he decides to run, or Gamal if he doesn't. ‘Omar Suleiman as an outside chance if the Army doesn't want Gamal, but don't bet on it. Still, Baradei is one of the best known Egyptians internationally, and when he steps down from the IAEA he could have a future of some sort as a diplomat or politician.

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alle said...

good post. please do write more on the egyptian succession issue -- it's really important, but there's very little informed comment on it out there.