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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turkey-Israel Feud Update

UPDATED AGAIN: Somebody got back on their meds. Ayalon has apologized to Turkey. Somebody above his pay grade (I'd guess Netanyahu since it's hard to picture Avigdor Lieberman doing it) has stepped in here.

The plot thickens. Israel moved the meeting up by several days. This sounds more and more like a deliberate embarrassment.

Yes, there are issues between Turkey and Israel, including the controversial "Valley of the Wolves," but to publicly, in the media, insult the diplomatic representative of the earliest Muslim country to recognize Israel seems downright petty and pretty undiplomatic.

Unlike Avigdor Lieberman, Deputy FM Danny Ayalon actually has considerable diplomatic experience (including Ambassador to the US), though he's also Yisrael Beitenu.

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