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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Heir Presumptive Has an Heir

Egypt isn't officially a monarchy again (yet), but heir apparent Gamal Mubarak's wife Khadiga has just had a daughter, Farida, born in Germany where everybody in the Mubarak family seems to be at the moment (or maybe in the US: there seem to be conflicting reports and the semi-official account I linked to doesn't say). Congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents, I'm sure.

Hmm . . . am I the only one that immediately thought of another Farida: Queen Farida, King Farouq's first queen? Hmm.

Update: In other news from the Mubarak family, there are reports Farida's granddad will return to Egypt "within hours."


Anonymous said...

Another Farida? What I remember from my time in Cairo as a Fulbright Scholar in the mid-1960s was Farida Beer. Not great, but certainly better than Egyptian wine!

David Mack said...

Sorry not to have left my name on the previous comment. David Mack