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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Others Are Noting the Amazigh Awakening

This blog has been talking about the Berber or Amazigh awakening and the new assertiveness of teh Tamazight language in the Maghreb, and particularly in Libya's Jebel Nefusa, for a long time.  Others are starting to notice. Recently we've seen The Economist with "Springtime for Them Too? The Berbers Join the Arab Revolt," veteran war correspondent for the New York Times, C.J. Chivers, writing on "Amid a Berber Reawakening in Libya, Fears of Revenge,"  and Moez Zelton at The Guardian  writing on "In a Liberated Libya in the Year 2961."

As they say, nothing succeeds like success, and the fact that the Nefusa rebels have been running the table on Qadhafi means they're getting a lot of attention.

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David Mack said...

As we saw in Iraq, suppressed ethnic differences and tribalism tend to resurface when the political lid comes off. Let's see how Libya's new leaders handle this.