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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Egyptian Army: Turning to the Dark Side?

In the year of "the Army and the People are One Hand," in which the Army appeared to side with the Revolution, and only three days after Egyptian Military Day, the Egyptian Army appears to be openly fomenting sectarian hatred (see my earlier post); Egyptian state media are openly calling on people to defend the Army against (by all unofficial accounts unarmed) Christian demonstrators, and military police are raiding independent media yet again. If half of what is being reported tonight is true, it's a sad day for the Egyptian Army. Given the fact that US aid provides most of the Army's budget, I suspect the sentiment tweeted above by Blake Hounshell of Foreign Policy will not stand alone. SCAF needs to move very quickly to dissociate itself from what appears to be happening.

President Obama phoned Tantawi when the Israeli Embassy was besieged. Will he do the same now?

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David Mack said...

Expect to hear more from the critics of the Obama policy of encouraging the Arabs to manage their own revolutions. Here is Jackson Diehl of Wash Post arguing that what we did in Iraq starting in 2003 was the best model for the Middle East.