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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meanwhile, in Quiet Tunisia, Something Unheard of Takes Place

Even as Egypt is still struggling to find its way, in Tunisia., the constituent assembly has met, and has affirmed the previous inter-party agreement that chose Al-Nahda's Hamadi Jebali as Prime Minister, CPR leader Moncef Marzouki as President, and Ettakatol's Mustapha ben Jaafar as President (Speaker) of Parliament. Maya Jribi of the opposition People's Democratic Party will be Vice President of Parliament.

So, we now have a sitting assembly, tasked with writing a constitution but also constituting the government until that task is complete, elected in free, competitive elections with internaatinal observers, elections won by an Islamist party but which will govern in coalition; a government in which the President, Prime Minister,and Speaker are from three different parties. Much can still go wrong, but that this much has already been accomplished is impressive.

See, Egypt, that's how it's done.

OK, who's next?

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