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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Egyptian Results So Far as Final Runoffs Begin

Today and tomorrow are the runoffs of the third stage of the Egyptian elections for the lower house. Jadaliyya  has a summing up of the results so far:
Thus far, the fate of 427 out of 498 seats in the lower house of parliament have been determined. The remaining 71 seats include:
  • 45 seats that will be determined through runoff races from stage #3, which are scheduled to be convened on 10-11 January. These races will feature ninety candidates: 32 from the Freedom and Justice Party; 23 from Al-Nour; 2 from the Egyptian Bloc; 1 from Al-Adl; 1 from Al-Wafd; and 31 unaffiliated candidates.
  • 14 other seats will be determined through two party-list races, which have been scheduled for a re-vote on 10-11 January, namely Aswan district #1 (4 seats) and Cairo district #1 (10 seats).
  • 12 seats will be determined through re-votes in six individual-candidacy districts (2 seats each), which have been scheduled for a re-vote on 10-11 January, with possible runoffs on January 17-18: Cairo district #1; Alexandria's district #3; Assiut districts #2 and #3; Sharqiya districts #2 and #5.
And, of course, we still have the Upper House elections.

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David Mack said...

Thanks, Mike. For casual observers of Egypt like me, it is impossible to keep track of where we are in these incredibly complex elections from reading the daily news. Now we know how foreign observers of the US caucus and primary season must feel.