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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Salafi's Parliamentary Career Ended by Nose Job

Ahram Online
You may already have heard about the Member of Parliament from Egypt's Salafi Al-Nour Party has lost his party membership and probably his seat over a nose job. Even if it weren't for the fact that hardcore Salafis consider nose jobs haram (who knew? messing with the natural order, I guess?) he claimed that his bandages were due to his being set upon and beaten (as has happened to some politicians). So he was also caught in a lie.

Just as Caesar's wife must be above suspicion, I guess ultra-Salafis like Al-Nour can't get away with lying (not that politicians have ever been known to lie, of course), especially about plastic surgery. Which they're apparently not supposed to have, anyway. The Egyptian sense of humor being pretty well-developed, I'm sure there are going to be jokes about this.

Ahram Online
One final thought: looking at his nose before the operation (right), I can see why he might have wanted a nip and tuck, but did he really think it wouldn't be noticeable?

And the punch line, from the first link above:
The most dangerous and little-noticed consequence of this scandal is the detail that the police had indeed arrested five suspects in the case -- for a crime that never happened. Anyone in Egypt can tell you that they would have been made to confess to the crime, too -- a reminder that police reform is long overdue. Such reform is urgently needed not only to stem the present (real) crime wave in Egypt, but also to protect the rights of all citizens, be they innocent, suspects, or convicted criminals.
They rounded up the usual suspects.

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