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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Carnage in Damascus

I'll assess the response to the Egyptian debate (previous two posts) later or more likely in the morning, but I felt I should at least note the bloody bombings in Damascus today. Apparently the bloodiest bombings yet, some 55 dead and possibly climbing, thr Syrian opposition is denying having any role, and of course the Asad regime says this proves what it has been saying all along: the opposition are terrorists. Apparently a sophisticated explosive was used, so of course some are wondering if Al-Qa‘ida is involved; if so, which I have no way of judging, it might lead to more in the West moving away from the idea of support of the resistance. That is all the more reason for the resistance to denounce these bombings (as the Syrian National Council is doing). Video from Al Jazeera English and Syrian State TV:

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Z. said...

This frustrates, saddens, and confuses me to no end.