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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Challenge Accepted, An Article "Liberated"

Last week I linked to Marc Lynch's post on Jordan, in which he offered a number of suggestions for readings on Jordan, including one from The Middle East Journal, of which Marc noted, "(paywall,  unless Michael wants to liberate it)."

Well, I know when I've been challenged, and publicly on the Internet no less. The article, Andrew Barwig's "The New Palace Guards: Elections and Elites in Jordan and Morocco" is now made available for free download at the link. Thanks to our hosting partners at Ingenta for making it available. After 90 days or thereabouts it will revert to a paywall, but for now it's free.

Of course, members of the Middle East Institute receiving The Middle East Journal regularly would have read it a couple of months ago, so you might want to consider joining MEI now so as not to miss future articles like this one.

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