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Friday, March 22, 2013

Richard Perle Agrees with Cheney and Rumsfeld: Twas a Famous Victory

Following previous comments by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle doesn't think we should question the wisdom of the Iraq war, though Iraq is sort of allied with Iran and Syria these days, telling an NPR interviewer (H/T Gary Sick):
“When you think about this, was it worth it?” she asked.
“I’ve got to say,” Perle responded, “I think that is not a reasonable question. What we did at the time was done in the belief that it was necessary to protect this nation. You can’t a decade later go back and say, well, we shouldn’t have done that.”
Robert Southey, "After Blenheim":
"My father lived at Blenheim then,
  Yon little stream hard by;
They burnt his dwelling to the ground,
  And he was forced to fly:  40
So with his wife and child he fled,
Nor had he where to rest his head.
"With fire and sword the country round
  Was wasted far and wide,
And many a childing mother then  45
  And newborn baby died:
But things like that, you know, must be
At every famous victory.
"They say it was a shocking sight
  After the field was won,  50
For many thousand bodies here
  Lay rotting in the sun;
But things like that, you know, must be
After a famous victory.
"Great praise the Duke of Marlbro' won,  55
  And our good Prince Eugene"—
"Why 'twas a very wicked thing!"
  Said little Welhelmine;
"Nay—nay, my little girl," quoth he,
"It was a famous victory.  60
"And everybody praised the Duke
  Who this great fight did win"—
"But what good came of it at last?"
  Quoth little Peterkin.
"Why that I cannot tell," said he,  65
"But 'twas a famous victory."

This is the first time Richard Perle has ever inspired me to quote one of the Romantic poets.

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