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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sisi Still in the Defense Ministry of New Cabinet

The idea that this week's Egyptian Cabinet reshuffle was to facilitate Field Marshal Sisi's departure to run for President never struck me as being as obvious as some thought it; for now, at least, Sisi has remained in the Defense Ministry, and today a new decree reorganized the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces under the Defense Minister.

Assuming, as most do, that Sisi is going to run, when will he step down? That may become clearer once we see the Presidential Elections Law, expected by March 1.


David Mack said...

Sisi knows where the power lies. Does he also have a plan for when the GCC money runs out, forcing the removal of subsidies from the price of bread?

A. Fuluul said...

Your and Ambassador Mack's post betray a profound lack of understanding of both the Middle East and the character of Al Sisi.

the Field Marshall is not going to prematurely abandon his post defending Egyptian democracy from the Egyptians until the time is right.

Such is the glory of Egypt's most beloved, handsome, and wise man.

A. Fuluul said...

As to money and price of bread, our wise and courageous General is trying to invent a Russian invasion to secure some rescue funding from a gullible West.