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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Old ME Newsreels from the British Pathé Archives

I previously noted the fact that British Pathé, the famed newsreel company, has made what it describes as 85,000 historical films available online at YouTube. I'm looking for Middle East-relevant ones, and here are several up front. (Warning: may contain assumptions from the days of the British Empire.)

Feisal of Iraq visiting his brother Abdullah in Transjordan, 1923:

The death and burial of T.E. Lawrence, 1935:

Two videos of the end of Vichy rule in Syria (1941): evacuation of Vichy troops; de Gaulle's arrival in Syria (no soundtrack on the second):

Wartime tensions between Lebanon and France,1943:

How Pathé reported the 1952 coup in Egypt:

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