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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Egypt Claims Turnout Matched 2012. Oh, and Sisi Won

The unofficial results in Egypt show Sisi winning with 96.93% of the vote. For all those nostalgic and hoping he's a new Nasser, it's a Nasser style election result.

On the turnout issue, unofficially total votes were 25,597,380.

In the 2012 Morsi runoff, the total was 25,577,511.

The desire to beat the 2012 turnout was achieved with under 20,000 votes to spare, (If you accept the turnout numbers, which are sure to engender much skepticism. On Tuesday there was panic at the low turnout, so presumably everyone came out on day 3?)

Supposedly, Sisi had to match the 2012 turnout to claim credibility. But many will question whether the results themselves are credible. And even though the gross number of (claimed) votes is higher, the turnout percentage, around 46% isower than the 52% in 2012 due to more eligible voters.

1 comment:

M. H. Haykal said...

Another glorious victory for our beloved and all-wise Generalissimo.

Sadly currently there is no title above Field Marshall, though Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Abdul Atti is hard at work and soon a miracle cure will be revealed to a people anxious to honor the man who has honored them by becoming their new President for Life.