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Monday, September 15, 2014

A Canal's a Canal, Right?

Egypt has announced plans to expand the Suez Canal  by adding a channel. Details are still sparse, but the commemorative stamp suggests that it might resemble the Panama Canal. So much so as to have the same ships passing through it:
Yes, the photo on the right is of Panama. It has locks. That's a lock. The Suez Canal has no locks. I knew that. You probably knew that. Apparently the Egyptian Postal Service doesn't know that.

 Zeinobia also comments.

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Mo Al Baradei said...

Such is the glory of Egypt's wise and benevolent ruler Field Marshall President for Life Abdul Fattah Al Sissy that he has merely to say "be" about the new Egyptian canal that it exists.

That it appeared in Panama is merely a slight mixup that will no doubt be corrected.