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Friday, October 31, 2014

The New Turkish Presidential Palace: Apparent Sultan's Palace Opens on Republic Day

You've no doubt already heard about the newly completed Turkish Presidential Palace.

It's 200,000 square meters, 1000 rooms. Buckingham Palace is 77,000 square meters and 775 rooms. The White House is 55,000 square meters and 132  rooms. The Elysee Palace is 11,000 square meters and 369 rooms including halls.. I won't even check 10 Downing Street. NATO should just concede to Erdoğan: OK, yours is bigger.

Erdoğan at his new digs
President Erdoğan will not be wanting for elbow room at the Ak Saray, or "White Palace," as it is called. He could host a whole NATO Summit in one wing and no one would want to go home.

(Before someone jumps in, yes, the Topkapı Palace complex is bigger, but it's a museum now and was built for Ottoman Sultans of an Empire spanning three continents, Caliphs of Islam, Shadows of God on Earth et cetera et cetera. Erdoğan likes grandiose projects, but he's the elected leader of a republic. In fact, in case he needed reminding, they showed the place to the world on Wednesday, October 29: Turkish Republic Day.

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